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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Norton Waterstones - Review

Let me start by saying I've never owned a premium set of water/sharpening stones so this review is not geared towards comparison to other products. Just my experience as someone beginning to learn more about sharpening technique.

Recently I purchased a set of Norton Waterstones from Peachtree Woodworking Supply that included 220/1000 stone, a 4000/8000 stone, a flattening stone, a waterstone tray, and a bonus DVD all for a really good price. At least I thought so based on a few weeks of research and shopping around online.

After watching the included DVD and the Handplane Essentials DVD I was able to get some great results when sharpening plane irons for the first time.

Overall I higly recommend this as a starter kit for anyone interested in getting started with or enhancing their sharpening skills.

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