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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pew Box Project - Intro

This is the first project I've decided to keep track of from beginning to end so I'll start with a little background.

I was asked to construct new pew boxes for our church which are attached to the back of the pews and hold the hymnals. The exisiting boxes are too small to contain all of the hymnals so I was asked to construct new ones that are similar in style but wider. I'm using white oak as the material to match the existing boxes and pews.

So I started by building a prototype earlier this year before purchasing all the material online. Once the prototype was finished I received the go ahead to buy the rest of the wood. Unfortunately time slipped away and I became busy with summer projects and work. Now that things have settled down and the weather has forced me inside I've made the completion of the pew box project a high priority. I also have a backlog, more like a wish list, of projects I want to start.

Click on the thumbnails below to see some prototyping images I created with Google Sketchup. These will make more sense once I upload photos of the completed boxes.

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