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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pew Box Project - Part 3

After the cove cutting and the routing on the back side was done it was time to cut the longer pieces down to the finished size of 5 3/4. Before cutting them down however I did some sanding to eliminate most of the sanding would need to be done on the smaller pieces later. I used a 1 1/8 diameter poplar dowel with 80 grit sandpaper wrapped around it to sand the cove. The rest of the surfaces were sanded with a random orbit sander. The miter saw was set up at a 12 degree bevel with a stop block that would allow me to make all the cuts consistently without stopping to measure each cut. Since each set of side pieces is a mirror image I had to flip the longer boards halfway through cutting to get the same number of right and left pieces out of each long board.

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