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Monday, March 16, 2009

Sideboard - Design

As soon as my pew box project was done I was asked to build a sideboard - or at least that is what my mother-in-law was wanting to buy. She could not find what she wanted and asked if I could design and build one. Technically this may not be a sideboard so please forgive my furniture ignorance but that is what I will call it unless someone gives me a better name. It's designed to be more functional than ornamental.

As of now I'm working on getting the final coats of poly on it before putting the top and doors on for the final assembly.

In the meantime I'm posting pictures of some of the design images I created in Google Sketchup. I also found a plug-in that will generate a cutlist from the dimensions in the design. Very nice tool to have - and it's free!!!

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