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Friday, September 18, 2009

Chair / Stool For Small Child

A chair made for one of the kids my wife babysits. She asked me to build this after noticing he (a 1 year old) was trying to sit on the first step of a step stool we have in the house. On Saturday morning she mentioned she would like a seat for him to sit/climb on – by Saturday evening this is what I had completed. Meant to sit on the floor not to be used as a booster seat. I think some people have mistaken it as such when asking about straps to hold the child in.

Can’t tell you how many ‘on-the-fly’ design changes were made as we went back and forth with “OK, that sounds good” to “That wasn’t what I had in mind, can you change this?”.

Finished with water based stain and poly.

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