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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Harvest Table

All the wood for the table is 100% reclaimed barnwood – yellow pine I think. The legs were milled out of a 3×12 beam which I’m assuming was fairly old considering I pulled a dozen or so square/cut nails out of it. The table top is made from 1 inch thick planks of barn siding.  The table is 42×80 and will seat eight people. We found the chairs at a local discount chain and we’re still waiting on the final three to come in. I tried matching the stain on the table to that of the chairs which I think came out pretty close.

Follow the link below to see more photos and read more details.

This is the 3x12 beam I used to mill the legs. The chalk lines and numbers are indicating the areas to cut. I had to maneuver around numerous splits and nails that I couldn't get out. I left some of the unique features in where possible. Things such as nail holes with iron stains and burn marks from a fire are still visible in a couple of the legs.

Portable planer used to surface the barnwood siding for the table top. Get's to be a messy job after a while.

Gluing up the table top after all of the boards were suface smoothed to relatively the same thickness. The glue up was done in stages to make handling easier with the final stage being pictured here.

Some additional smooting done by hand after the glue up was finished. Hand plane use and tuning is one skill I'm still in the very beginning stages of learning but hope to improve upon as I continue to build projects.

Table top cut to final size. The edges were also rounder over with a 3/8 inch router bit.

Something special hidden under the table top.

The legs and aprons. Final assembly and prepping for stain.

Detail of one of the legs after finishing. You can still see the iron stains and holes from the original cut nails. Some

Up close detail of some of the burn marks and nail holes in one of the legs. Picture taken before the stain was applied.

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